Here Are Some Ideas For Designing Small-Size Houses

Anyone certainly wants to have a house, unfortunately, expensive housing prices make some people choose to build a house that is small but still comfortable. Whatever size of the house you need, it’s a good idea to find out the right home design. You can ask for help from arquitectos en tijuana to be able to design your home correctly and according to your own needs.

However, if you have a small house, it will be very difficult to arrange the house plan. Below are some ideas for making the right plan for the house.

1. Design two main rooms
Even though you don’t have children, there’s nothing wrong with you starting to prepare additional rooms. This is intended so that you do not need to be confused if there are members or friends who stay overnight. Make two separate rooms on the right and left front of the house. Don’t forget to prepare a private bathroom nearby. Then make a living room in the middle and a nearby kitchen. If you are afraid of the privacy of your life, the design of a house like this can be a solution.

2. Make the kitchen parallel to the dining room at the front and make a room on the back
Do you want to make a house that is “safe” to maintain the privacy of the household from guests who come? This minimalist home design can be applied. Make the front living room, then partition with bathroom and warehouse. After that, make a short passage to the two rooms behind. In this way, your dream minimalist home is far more comfortable to live in.

3. Keep making a terrace beside the house so you can relax
home minimalism does not mean there should not be a homepage you know. Precisely this room is important to relax together and breathe fresh air. You can make it next to the middle house. To be closer to taking treats, just make the kitchen at the front of the house. Then position the dining room in the direction of the living room. In addition, don’t forget to make two rooms in the back that are separated by one bathroom only.

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