Want to Workout at Home? Some of these Sports Tools You Must Have

Doing sports is not only you can do at the gym. At home, you can also do light exercise, like yoga and so on. For those of you who want to do sports at home, the tools that you must have are the best crossfit skipping jump ropes for beginners. Skipping is a sport that is able to maintain weight and keep the body fresh. So, having the right skipping rope at home is the right thing.


For those of you who also do not have time to go to the gym, there is some sports equipment that you must have at home so you can still take care of your health. Some sports equipment that you must have at home is

– Rope skipping
Skipping is a cheap exercise at home to improve your heart and lung fitness while training your leg muscles. Skipping is also good as an alternative to cardio to burn fat if you don’t like running.
At first, do the jump continuously for 30 seconds, or equivalent to 50 jumps. Repeat for three to four sets, rest for 30 to 90 seconds between sets. Gradually. increase the duration of your jump rope to 60 seconds to 90 seconds.

– Yoga Mat
A yoga mat is an important exercise tool for those who routinely practice yoga or meditation. Yoga mat serves to keep your footing steady during yoga maneuvers while protecting your body from collisions when falling slips. In addition, you are also more comfortable lingering while doing yoga using a mattress.

– Dumbell
Dumbell is a mini version of weightlifting equipment in the gym. The weight of the dumbbell itself varies, from very light (0.5 kg) to weight (10 kg). Dumbell can help you form your arm and shoulder muscles. Dumbell can also be included when you do sit-ups, bench presses, to squats to maximize your sports session.