The Reality of Life That Makes Us Care for Mental Health Problems

A measure of one’s health is not only seen from physical health but also mental health that is no less important. There are many reasons why we should care about mental health problems or psychological problems. Adults, in general, are very vulnerable to psychiatric problems such as stress, depression, anxiety to severe psychiatric problems in schizophrenia. Psychiatric disorders will greatly affect a person’s life, he can lose certain traits and abilities that usually exist in him, withdraw from the association, lose interest, lose control or aggressive behavior such as anger without obvious reasons, damage to goods or objects. This behavior is very difficult to accept, therefore mental disorders usually occur not only because of psychological factors, but there are also external factors which may be negative auras and unseen magical powers. This is a serious concern for you to consult with our consultant and do remove black magic.

The phenomenon that occurs when a family member has a mental problem is the amount of money that must be spent. Many families try to seek treatment in various ways, such as alternative medicine, traditional and medical treatment that costs a lot. This has an effect on the family economy, not to mention calculating the time and energy spent dealing with the problem. Sometimes people are not aware of the dangers of psychiatric problems and consider this not too serious compared to physical health problems, but actually mental problems are a serious problem. Psychological problems can cause death, suicide, accidents or harm others. The WHO (World Health Organization) found that four out of ten of the most difficult conditions to overcome in the world are mental problems.

Stigma among the people is still quite high in people who experience psychiatric disorders, so families who have family members who experience psychiatric disorders will feel very discriminated against. Mockery and discordant voices from the surrounding community will greatly affect the psychological condition of the family and the person concerned, so the treatment process will be very disturbed and even the family tends to cover it up, until the occurrence of subsidence.