Fan belt and radiator affect the car’s air conditioner

The cause of the car air conditioner is not the next cold because of the ac belt fan breaks. The part of the ac breaker fan belt can be one of the causes of not cold your car ac. For this reason, care needs to be taken so that you know if a problem occurs as early as possible before a bad incident befalls you, making the condition uncomfortable. In the meantime, if your AC problem is with the one in your room instead of in your car, we recommend you to visit and hire the professionals from that site.


The belt section has the main function in helping to connect the rotation process in the engine part to the compressor part.

In addition, radiator parts with dirty conditions caused by dust can trigger the car’s air conditioner to not cool anymore. This condition will make the work system on the radiator part become significantly decreased. In addition, if the dirt that accumulates on the radiator is left unchecked, it will trigger the process of grinding on the ac engine because the process of discharging the hot temperature cannot be maximized.

Now the other impact is to force the use of high amounts of freon and in the end, the condenser will work imperfectly. To maintain the cleanliness of the radiator, know how to clean the radiator of a car that is good and correct so that the condition is expected to remain good.