What is a speech?

Speech is a form of verbal expression in the form of words addressed to the people. Speech activities are called orations. The person giving the famous speeches is called the orator. The purpose of the speech is to convey ideas. In addition, the speech also aims to persuade or convey information, provide entertainment and give orders. Speech is a form of one-way communication. In speaking, basic skills are needed, including being able to express thoughts verbally smoothly, mastering rhetoric or speaking in a good and true language, and having the courage to appear in public.

In a speech known several methods, including:

The method is straightforward or impromptu, namely the method of speech based on short-term preparation without adequate preparation. The speaker gives a speech based on his knowledge and skills as he is.

The method of memorizing is the method of speech that is made with full preparation. Manuscripts to be published are prepared in advance then memorized word for word.

The method of manuscript or reading is a method of giving a speech by reading the manuscript that has been prepared in advance.

The extemporaneous method is a method of giving a speech by writing down the points of thought to be conveyed and then conveying the questions prepared in his own words. The speaker uses notes to remind the sequence and important ideas to be conveyed.

Broadly speaking, the contents of the speech are divided into three parts, namely as follows:

The opening contains greetings of gratitude, greetings to listeners, the purpose of giving a speech.

Fill in, containing a description of the speech according to the topic.

Closing, contains hopes, appeals, conclusions, and thanks.

In the speech, manuscripts are often inserted greetings sentences for listeners or guests in attendance, including Ladies and Gentlemen, Ladies and Gentlemen, who I respect.

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