Know What the Scents of Incense Are Like Many People

Incense is often used for worship because of its soothing aroma. Many people are looking for incense to worship. If you are one of them, then you can visit to get the incense you need for worship. Did you know that scents affect the condition of a person’s brain? The human nose has the ability to distinguish more than 100,000 different types of scents that affect us and that happens without us knowing it. These scents affect parts of the brain that are related to mood or mood, emotions, memories, and even our health.

There are some aromas of incense which turned out to be very liked by many people, such as for example

– Agarwood
Agarwood incense is one of the premium incense types, which on average cost more than other incense sticks. The uniqueness of this agarwood is that it has no smell at all when it has not been burned and when it is burned, the smoke will emit a scent that dislikes many people. For thousands of years, agarwood has been used for various medical purposes. Among them to cure respiratory and digestive diseases, generate appetite and increase energy. In addition, agarwood incense is believed to be able to fortune, smoothen careers, attract partners, and resist reinforcements.

– Sandalwood
Also included in the category of premium incense, good sandalwood incense will emit a soft aroma (not stingy) when burned. The aroma calms the mind and brings positive energy. Here are the benefits of sandalwood incense:
1. calm the mind, relax, keep panic, stress, and depression.
2. Overcoming sleep disorders, such as insomnia.
3. calms the atmosphere, raises confidence.
4. helps create a balance between body and mind.

– Lavender incense is made by dipping biting incense in the high-quality lavender essential oil. The benefits of lavender have been recognized by various cultures throughout the world. Some of them are :
1. can repel mosquitoes
2. Relaxing the brain nerves
3. Helps sleep better and overcome insomnia