Stages in Building the Team Building

Do you choose to for your team building event? Solid team building will produce strong teamwork. Team building itself is a foundation in an organization or company that aims to develop the potential of teamwork. Building team building is not an easy thing especially a team that contains several individuals who have different backgrounds and thoughts. Then how to be able to build a successful and integrated team building? Here are 4 stages in building team building:

1. Vision

Strong team building must be the same with the same vision. The similarity of vision makes the steps in each individual can be in line. This vision is certainly formulated jointly by the leadership and team members. By setting a vision, it will also see the targets to be achieved and what steps will be taken to achieve these targets.

2. Program

After getting a shared vision, what must be done next is to develop the program. This program is intended as a guide to work and sets out every step that will be taken to run the program. Planned programs can direct team building to the right targets, in addition to this, the program can show the extent of success of leaders in carrying out their duties with the team.

3. Job position

Building team building must be done by building the comfort of each individual in the group. Each member will certainly feel more comfortable when getting a task that suits their expertise. Here the role of the leader becomes very important because he is required to be observant in seeing the capabilities of each individual that exists. Because what will later execute the existing vision and program is the personal teamwork. Do not let mistakes in laying the position of the task will make all work plans fall apart and teamwork becomes chaotic.

4. Communication

It is a non-technical aspect but has a big influence on the process of building team building. Communication is needed to provide the right direction from the leadership and to submit suggestions/opinions from team members. Good communication in teamwork is to listen to each other and eliminate personal arrogance for interests in the team.