Various offline media for promoting your online business

So that the cost is not too large, you can start with classified ads in the newspaper. And you should advertise on Saturdays. Because advertisements in Saturday newspapers are usually the most read. The same thing you can do on television. Especially in local television stations. Because on local television stations there are usually events that invite viewers to promote through classified ads. Usually, you just send an SMS and your ad is displayed in running text. Aside from that, check out the reliable Craigslist Ad Posting Service as well.

Next, start making it a habit to send each SMS, include your URL at the end of the message. You don’t have to explain it. If the recipient of the SMS is curious, surely they will visit him on the internet, or at least immediately ask you.

In addition, you can include your URL on a business card. Making business cards is also very cheap now. If you are lazy to make it in printing, you can make it yourself and print it. The advantages of business cards are also usually kept by the recipient.